And the B2B sales management platform is only one.

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Expand your strategy to omni-channel sales

iCataloge B2b portals enable immediate extension to e-commerce for your back office .
Directly manage your store front-end from the platform and you can release authenticated access to your catalog.

iC GoDirect

It is the ready-to-use, complete and integrated solution to offer your customers the possibility of placing orders independently.
The customer accesses the portal, overviews his actual and historical ordering situation and buys directly. 

A Fantastic user interface

Your new B2B e-commerce portal shows up with a fabulous look that will be customized with your colors, your fonts and your corporate logo.

It is particularly intuitive and it allows a rational organization of all your catalogs: it also has a very efficient search engine that leads the user to find everything in an instant.

The order construction path, the previous and in-progress orders information control, best-seller items and all the functions of an advanced on-line sales system have been designed to offer the best experience.

Professional order management

Power and very easy-to-use feature for the corporate back office operators.

iC GoDirect is manageable from iCatalogue platform and offers a complete range of all the professional functions needed to the general orders management.

Manage the processes and the interaction with the user during the delivery step, see all data history and easily find all the orders acquired by the sales team and from the e-commerce portal just in one place.

OPEN 24/7

Retailers will appreciate your new B2B e-commerce B2B for wholesale

  • Raise the efficiency perception on the distribution channel
  • Increase the retailers orders frequency
  • Reduce wasted time about basic information queries
  • Cut down order acquisition cycle time 



ERP connection is immediate

Using iC GoDirect technology to manage your store means to employ the iCatalogue platform and to be able to exploit iC Connector for your ERP system integration. iC Connector is a structured system and ready to communicate to any management software.


No technical implementation of the store

In 72 hours from the subscription date your store can be on-line. Count a few more days to manage settings and the integration procedures and you are operational. No developing activity is necessary: iC GoDirect is fully configurable for any need.


Sales Reps App full interaction

Interaction between sales reps and customers will become very efficient. The rep can sketch up the order on the “iC Sales App” on his iPad and the customer can complete it on the e-commerce store. From the platform the order can still be modified. From the App you can have complete control on all orders.


A unique hub for all orders

Centralizing the whole orders company management in just one platform represents a huge advantage. Customers have access from the portal to place their orders, the sales reps from the application and from the web order management system, the corporate back office team from the application back end.


Incomparable easy-to-use feature

Many e-commerce platforms need long training sessions to be used. iC GoDirect is very simple and really intuitive both for the back office operator and the customer or retailer that want to place his own orders and look at his history.


Communication with marketplaces

The CMM (Cross Marketplace Manager) module allows you to integrate with the most popular international marketplaces in a very short time and with a limited investment, giving you the chance to exploit these channels, too, to maximize your sales.



With iC GoDirect the ERP integrated e-commerce portal is ready. Right away.


Extended, open, fast. Together.

With the B2B iCatalogue portals you have the possibility to adjust your strategy around an omni-channel model.
It can be done in a very short time with the assurance of a solid, safe and tested system.
You can guarantee your customers an excellent service level with a sensible augmentation of the perceived value.

The B2B on-line channel is waiting for you!

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Maybe because it is the most sophisticated, simple and accessible system for selling through different channels with just one platform




The application and the platform have a tremendous functions range to help you to sell better




iCatalogue knows how to talk to any other corporate system dedicated to products management, sales and customer relationships


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