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B2B Commerce Platform for ambitious companies

Use it to acquire orders online and on the move, manage them accurately and deliver them faster

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Many companies sell as no other do, with iCatalogue

The software that allows you to take orders on every channel improving your sales performances. The back office teams can process orders quickly, with incomparable accuracy and total integration with every management software.

  • For customers and retailers

    iCatalogue has an extraordinary sales data analysis system.
    It offers customizable dashboards for every need and it allows total control on sales situation on every channel with drivers and indicators that will lead to the best situation for taking the right decisions.
    In addition to the statistical data, you can make behavioral analysis to understand the actions of your sales team during the proposal stage.

  • For sales reps

    iCatalogue represents the extension for your company management software’s mobility. It perfectly fits in an extremely flexible way to the company sales processes allowing each rep to get orders perfectly tuned with the parameters he is used to work with.
    It exchanges data and it is constantly synchronized with the company ERP and all the other sales systems.


Omnichannel B2B E-Commerce platform

for brands and distributors for an integrated management of sales

All your orders, in cloud

The new iCatalogue 4 is changing the life of many sales people: it makes everyday work a wonderful experience.

Every sales rep feels professionally proud and rewarded by the innovative value of the software he uses for order taking.

He knows every detail about his customer’s habits and features, about his products and real life situations that allow him to express his potential at its best.

Corporate and sales managers are granted acces to web dashboards providing them clear and precise indications regarding every aspect of the activity of their team.

Over more than 7 years and millions of processed orders iCatalogue has been completely redesigned, promoting a continuously increasing integration with ERP and third parties softwares.

iCatalogue is today the undisputed reference in the industry for ease of use and functional features.

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A concentrate of power

iCatalogue helps you offering a better sales experience

  • Increase sales performance
    You can easily acquire and process orders thanks to an OMS (Order Management System) platform.
  • Reduce order entry costs
    No loose leaflets or commission copy, your orders are taken and managed in the cloud directly by your agents.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Elevate the perceived value of your company from the technological point of view, improve efficiency and build your customers loyality.
  • Reduce order processing time
    Decrease the order management cycle, from the order taking phase while in mobility, to the processing and check by your back office.

A lot of brands are selling as no others do

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Driving sales at many smart companies.


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