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A brand new way in order taking activity

iCatalogue Sales App provide to any professional user an extraordinary sales experience.
It's incredible how it's simple to use. Every salesman will improve his own sales performance.

Extreme speed and accuracy

Every element of the application has been conceived to speed up the sales team activity.

Search is based on a highly sophisticated system that allows to pair categories, brands and product lines parameters with dynamic aggregators to group items and variants in a horizontal way.

Everything is found in an instant and every useful information is immediately available.

Incomparable consultation experience

Every presentation strategy can be supported by iCatalogue in an excellent way.

Leafing through the products with bidirectional browsing, grid view, list view, features comparison: there are many consulting modes.

Perfect for showroom use, with barcode optical readers or simply to consult and search in the catalogue.

Very easy and really nice to use.

10, 100, 1000 sales reps

Your sales team size doesn’t matter. The extremely affordable price policy and the high flexibility of the solution make it suitable for all business sizes.

Fantastic for small and middle size sales structures.

Excellent and definitely tested on big organizations and multinational companies.


Each information or detail
is critical in front of 
the customer.
Nothing can be left
to chance!


Fast and intuitive: get your orders fly

Less than a hour to get your sales rep confident with the new iCatalogue 4 technology.
Fingers friendly, information has never been so quickly! Take an order is now a pleasure!
The completion of your business process is fast and well structured: get your order ready on the platform in a blink!


We didn't waste a pixel

The iCatalogue engineering team worked over a year together with designers, ux specialists and product managers to develop the new interface.

We listened to thousand users and many sales manager of our best customers.

And the result? A new, innovative and amazing software conceived to make you find everything you need in the right place.


Make their eyes twinkle!

Presentations with a dreamlike emotional grip

You probably made a huge effort in designing and developing and
you sensibly invest in research activities to define the best product for the market.

We spent the same passion thinking on how to astonish your customers: our new iCatalogue
is the answer.

Now is up to you to discover and enjoy it. See the emotion in your clients' eyes!


Designed to do everything

Orders, quotations, catalog, crm, analysis. All in one App.


Say goodbye to orders on paper

We know leaving old habits is hard,

but we are more than sure you will never desire to go back!

Calling the office to double check products availability, hesitation about catalog information updating, client history knowledge and all that you are not immediately sure about will be a bad memory from the past.

Welcome to a new life with iCatalogue 4.

Used in 54 countries, translated in 7 languages

Most times backoffice people's experience has a critical value.

iCatalogue is a software born in 2010 and it was one of the first iPad application to be published in the App Store; it was born from the experience of a company specialized in device applications and order taking processes.

Despite our team being composed by no more than 20 specialists, our product is already a worldwide App!



Enjoy working!


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4 good reasons

To think about it less than a minute



Filter, refine, search, find, check and add to order. The way order taking activity becomes fast and efficient is impressive. You don’t waste a second, and every data is immediately available.



It is hard something could slip. The information level is so detailed and customized to your needs, that every choice you make during the proposal phase will have an incomparable precision criteria.



Simply extraordinary: both for sales rep and customer!  The perceived value, on innovative and efficiency matters, affect the customer that feels involved in a positive way, increasing his purchase tendency.



The highest return of investment is reached by integrating iCatalogue with the ERP software. In this way the sales rep will have the full picture in his hands and the order transition will be almost immediate.



Maybe because it is the most sophisticated, simple and accessible system for selling through different channels with just one platform




The application and the platform have a tremendous functions range to help you to sell better




iCatalogue knows how to talk to any other corporate system dedicated to products management, sales and customer relationships