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MyApp allows you to release the application in MANAGED mode: in this way the App's user must create an account to access.
ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT function allows you to manage different options to oversee your users.

Create a user

Setting the MANAGED distribution mode (available in PLUS and ELITE) at the first application opening, the user is guided through an user friendly process to create his own account.

A safety e-mail confirmation will verify the identity and issue credentials (username and password) enabling users access to content.

From the platform you can control and manage any data, individually or as a group, which can be displayed.

Approval processes

You can also decide that the users' account creating function won't be self-approving, but subject to catalog manager approval.

Again, once account is approved, you can define the content areas to which a specific account has the permission to access.

Individual survey data

Through the account management functionality, the analytical system can register individual behavioral data based on belonging to segments or sets.

With the users' approval, the application can also report users' geographical location.

Complete sales team management with customisable contents
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