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Behavioral analysis can help your marketing


Users are tuning in contents'  consultation with new habits: his phenomenon is related to the exponential spread of tablets.

Each change of habits led to an evolution of expectations: giving them contents in an application and knowing

their behaviors - through the use of BTE - means having useful data to better refine the target of the communication strategy.

Behavior analysis

The application, despite being available completely off-line, is able to store all the data of each consultation session by any general and / or authenticated user.

On each instance of sync with the platform the App sends data streams to the behavioral analysis engine.

In this way, the "Catalog Manager" is able to create views which understand users' preferences during their activity on the catalog.

Advanced dashboards

BTE has a series of dashboards that allows you to have a clear vision on the authenticated users' behavior during their consultation activities on the App.

You can interact with different filters, having always an accurate overall analytical framework.

Analytical data export

Control the behaviors related to an individual user, a group or a set of users who expressed particular interest in the consultation. You can also analyze how your sales team is working.

Now you can extract all the data an excel file that can be imported into your email marketing or statistical analysis software.

The power of "targeted advertising" is indisputable
The App detects data and match them to potential interest
The engine analyzes and extracts: everything is ready to give more strength to your Marketing

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