Create your App

It's easier than you imagine!


Import your catalog

Bringing your catalog in to the "Cloud" is easy: drag a .pdf file for each category in the platform, the system loads the files and a procedure processes them turning each page into a single object.

In few minutes, after a notice confirmation, the catalog has a  browsable base ready to be consulted by your new App.


Customize and enrich

Now it's time to work on the browsable basis enriching it with all the contents needed to make your catalog a perfect tool for sales support.

You can define, in every page, one or more "tap areas" to open a specific content.


We wire the App together

When you finished the content entry phase and the application is ready, our team will provide in a timely manner to wire and publish the App.

You can make it available to users in a private way or publish it in the App store.


Choose distribution 

You can give access to the App in an "open" way or by asking for authentication through the creation of an account for each user.

In this case, you manage the approval processes and the contents access permit.


Define analysis metrics

It is now important to design a behavior analysis strategy: using the analytical engine BTE, you can read and extract data that represent users preferences and attitudes.

These information will be critical to refine your customers segmentation and to improve the accuracy of your campaigns.

Start the distribution
From the App Store o privately

In addition to Private or Public distribution choice, myApp allows you to distribute 

the App in two different modes: Free or Authenticated.

  • Free application sharing,

    without control on the users.

    The FREE distribution mode allows downloading the App from the App store (or through a link from a private host) and it can be used immediately!

    Users won't need any credentials. After selecting the language, they will have immediate access to the index and will start browsing the publication.

    In this case, of course, statistical data will be anonymous.

  • Full access control.

    User friendly content.

    MANAGED distribution, available in PLUS and ELITE versions, allows the full control and management of the application's users: when opening the application, users will be required to create their personal account on the platform.

    You can decide whether to use a "self-validation process" (once the account is created and the e-mail correspondence verified, the user accesses the catalog), or use the "approval process one-to-one" (each account request must be approved by the catalog manager, who can define - for single user and / or group - which content can be accessed).

Sell better

Your new catalog will help you


The consultation experience is now amazing: everything is in the right place and works efficiently.

There is no better way to browse a catalog!



The search engine of your App is powerful. Each page, object or reference is tagged in manual and / or semi-automatic mode, and when the user is looking for something, in a blink, he is already leafing through the content.



MyApp is an easy way to show your catalog.
There are all the functions you need to ensure the best emotional experience for your products and /or content presentation. 



While showing, just "double tap" on the page to add it to the "wish list". You can than transfer the contents from this list to the recipient with an easy procedure.



You can share everything on Twitter and Facebook.
Simply hold for a second the content of interest and post it on your favorite social network.

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