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per month
billed annually
Billed once, at the activation
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€ 10,10
per month
billed annually
Billed once, at the activation
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Billed once, at the activation

Technical features and functionalities B2B ecommerce

The iCatalogue Business to Business portals allow to broaden the commercial strategy to on-line sales. With iC GoDirect you can offer customers and distributors the possibility of buying on-line and with iC GoPublic you can give them access to your catalog for professional consultation, quotation request and products reservation.

Max SKU's Number
Variants included
  7.500   20.000   CONTACT SALES
Max Customers Number
Maximum number of customers with access to the portal 
  5.000   15.000   CONTACT SALES
Maximum Nr. of API's monthly calls   15.000   25.000   CONTACT SALES
Maximum Nr. of Price Lists   50   150   CONTACT SALES
Maximum Nr. of Promotions   50   100   CONTACT SALES
Full Custom branding
Logo, e-mail templates, transactional messeges, main categories pages
  Logo and transactional messeges only  
Marketing functions
E-mail marketing extraction on behavioral targeting
Product information management
Complete products information, technical data sheet, variants, related products, files
  All functions without videos  
Catalog and media management
Catalog PDFs and media resources management linked to the company, to the brand or to categories
  All functions without videos  
Customers management
Customer records and configurable attributes data sheet
Powerful Cross Catalog Search engine
In addition to the search per code or article name it exploits the filters that apply on brands, categories/product lines and technical data attributes
Availability to promise (ATP) and Estimated delivery time management (EDT)
Vendors and brands management
For wholesalers
Price list management
Specific price lists definition per customer, per group, that can be managed to assign to country, area or cluster
Promotion management
Promotions can be global, by group or dedicated to the customer, with expiration date, useful to manage presents, special prices, discount conditions in %, 3x2
Simple self service order experience
Simplified orders creation processes that can be easily managed also by users that do not know article codes or product catalog structure 
Transactions processing
Credit cards, billing, payment on account
Orders history
Access to the orders history recap with fast re-ordering functions 
Backorder e delivery monitor
Control on backorders and shipping status, possibility of generating direct links to shipping monitoring by tracking number
Customer's favorite products based on selection
Recap windows with financial and general information on customer situtaion 
Customer / Retailer financial dashboards
Recap windows with financial and general information on customer situtation 
Global Sales analysis
Analitical dashboards with sales indicators
Financial management
(accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger)
  Plafond management and customer blocking only  
Erp and CRM integrable
Thanks to the iC Connector module an integration with external data sources is possible, both for ERP and/or CRM systems 
  iC Connector required (Sold separately)   iC Connector required (Sold separately)   iC Connector required (Sold separately)
    iCatalogue service manager reserves, at any time, the right to make changes to the features of the service.

How it works

iC GoDirect is mainly dedicated to organisations that have a retailers channel.
It is a “e-commerce B2B frontend” that enable the retailers to buy 24/7 and to have access to purchases and relationship history information. Orders, products specifications, discount policies and promotions are managed by the same “Mobile Sales Automation” environment.

More than 10.000 users?

iCatalogue designs and manages iCatalogue technology based services in Private Cloud for big organisations and multinational companies. If resellers or retailers are more than 10.000 the iCatalogue integration and project team analyzes the operative scenario and designs the appropriate size infrastructure to efficiently manage it.


It is conceived for companies that have resellers or retailers. In order to use the "iCatalogue GoDirect" e-commerce portal it is necessary to be a subscriber of a “Mobile Sales Automation” iCatalogue platform Enterprise plan. The number of users of the platform is not important (you may use the minimum number allowed by the plan).


After the payment, you will receive an email confirmation of the positive outcome of the transaction. iCatalogue will send you the e-payment receipt. This document is not valid for tax purposes. At the end of the month referred to the payment you will receive an invoice issued by the service iCatalogue.

Underwriting commitment

You can decide whether to make the fee payment on monthly or yearly base. The 12 month prepaid formula will give you an approximate 15% discount. Instead, there is a monthly base formula, you will be charged every month with the subscription of an annual base commitment.

Up and downgrade, termination

Directly from the platform, in "my account", you have access to the administration functions. At any time you can checks the status of the subscription and you decide to migrate to an upper (or lower) level. You can unsubscribe whenever you want and delete your plan without penalty. There is no refund for the amounts already paid in case of cancellation before the deadline.

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