€ 6,50
per user, per month
billed annually
Billed once, at the activation
€ 10,10
per user, per month
billed annually
Billed once, at the activation
Best seller
€ 13,70
per user, per month
billed annually
Billed once, at the activation

Technical features - Mobile sales automation

The mobile sales automation environment is composed of iCatalogue Mobile Sales Automation Web-based platform and the App for the sales force. It is a complete system for managing sales and offers from backend and tablet.

    ADV   PRO   ENT
             START FREE TRIAL
Annual Billing
   from € 4.70
per user, per month
   from € 7.30
per user, per month
Minimum Nr. of users
Minimum number of application users
  3   5   10
Nr. Maximum Nr. of users
Maximum number of application users
  50   150   Unlimited
Maximum Nr. of products
Number of encodable article codes in the platform, including variants
  5.000   10.000   Unlimited









Apple iOS   All iPad models with iOS 9+   All iPad models with iOS 9+   All iPad models with iOS 9+
Android   Summer 2019   Summer 2019   Summer 2019
MS Windows   Spring 2020   Spring 2020   Spring 2020
PLATFORM (P.a.a.S.)            
Disk space
Available platform space for data and resources used in the catalog
  unlimited   unlimited   unlimited
Traffic included for users synchronization activities*
  50 GBytes
(per month)
  100 GBytes
(per month)
  150 GBytes
(per month)
Possible "iC Connector" combination for ERP integration**
Optional. Software for iCatalogue connection to any ERP, CRM or other data source
Possible "iC WOMS" combination  
            MORE ABOUT WOMS
Embedded Vertical App Integration (iC AppCloud)
Web-based views recalled from the app with ERP data referred to users, customers and products
Full offline data management
The applications allows catalog consultation, customers information checking, orders taking and new potential customers data entry, without internet connection.
IRAS - Initializing and Resync Adjustment System
Initial contents set-up and synchronization, multimedia or not, designed for big size catalogs.
ISSM - Intelligent Selective Sync Management
Function allowing to keep contents aligned in off-line mode, based on differentiated incremental synchronization processes per content type
Multiparameter labelling management per reference
Product TAG management with fast labeling functions through the Content Management System
Dynamic aggregators management
Logical operators based aggregators allow to configure searches based on tags, attributes, products availibility, creation or modification dates of the products
Multiple allocation management
Products and resources can be quickly allocated in different areas of the catalog, thanks to the multiple allocations management
Category - Collection/Line - Brand combined access
Catalog consultation processes based on the filters combination between categories, lines and brands
Selection refining for aggregators and technical specifications
Structured search indexes per module guarantee flowing consultation processes, fast and excellent researches with enterprise catalogs, too
Horizontal and vertical presentation modes
Application interface designed to guarantee a perfect user experience in both iPad orientation modes
List and grid view (multi grid step)
Multiple views with customisable specifications allow the products consultation in grid or list mode
Consultation in fullscreen bidimensional axis presentation mode
To consult the products from a research or from a consultation in full screen mode. By surfing horizontally we will find the items, vertically the variants
Product comparator
To compare the detailed information about the products obtained from a research, from a selection or from a refining.
Fast inspection windows on product with data and customizable information
The products grid view mode allows a fast access to some product specifications without opening the product form
Multimedia contents and off-line synchronized videoclips management
The Content Management allows to enrich the products by attaching files, videoclips and other resources. Users could have access to all medias in off-line mode through the application
Customizable "Start Screen"
The catalog home page can be fully customised by loading one or more representative images
Management and saving of active customer "favorites selection"
After a customer is selected it is possible to create a selection of items he is interested in. The selection is linked to the customer and available for future consultations
Sales representative bookmarks management
Bookmarks management synchronized on agent records, to quickly access all products to be kept under control
Browsable pdfs integrated viewer with in-page references management
PDF catalogs viewer that allows to recall products forms in every page and access to detailed information
Attributes and technical data management customizable for every product
Technical data attributes are dynamic and manageable in sections. The main ones can be used in the refining processes during consultation
Related and/or correlated products management
The management of relations between both main items and variants allows application cross-mode consultations
Mixed management for products with or without variants
The use of virtual product entities in order to aggregate the variants guarantees a proper user experience in catalogs that are composed of products with and without variants
Multillingual content management
Contents management in multilingual mode simplified by fallback logics for non translated entities
Structured sending of user's content selection (iC Sender)
iC Sender module that allows to send third parties the material for each product specified by the marketing department
"Contents and data enrichment" management on dataflows coming from ERP system
Possibility of enrichment for all the information created by the iC Connector, through the Content Management system; to add videoclips, links and other resources that are not availbale on the ERP system
Nobrand option with access splash screen customisation
Optional operation that allows to use a customised image as background of the login application window
Dynamics Orders Storage
Maximum amount of orders and quotations stored in the history in the basic configuration. The number could be increased with additional costs
  10.000***   20.000***
Automatic archiving time for orders in platform (Order Wayout: Fifo)
Orders and quotes history are kept with all the line information for a limited period, then they are converted to archived status.During archiving all order lines are deleted and some statistic information that will remain in the order header are generated. The permanence time can be increased with an additional cost
  15gg****   1 mese****
Off-line orders acquisition with Sync Management
Orders taken with no internet connection remain queued and are automatically sent when the connection to a network is established
Complex price lists management
Function allowing to configure up to 100 basic price lists, to differentiate the displayed price lists from the granted ones, to manage different currencies for each price list
Price policy management per Cluster
Configure customers groups and assign price lists to them, define the price lists that can be assigned to potential customers and set up defaults data per country
Discount policy advanced management
Define discount percentages for each customer, enable up to 5 discount levels and configure the users interaction levels by setting up roles
Promotions management
To manage up to 100 promotions, every promotion can handle up to 300 products. Promotions can be global, assigned to groups or to specific customers
Campaigns and cross selling tactics management
Campaigns and cross selling tactics management. Create discount rules per customers category or specific brands.
Order profitability adaptive control
Maximum discount per item on each price list and detailed users roles management allow to keep each order profitability under control
Stock and availability advanced management
Configurable management to view stock and availability through color indicators based on range, management of expected delivery time directly updated from the ERP system
Understocked order configurable flow management
It gives the users the authorization of acquiring orders for products that are not available, managing specific notifications for orders with these products out of stock
Minimum purchase quantity management
For each sale packaging define the minimum quantity and give the users the authorization to modify it, manage inner properties
Orders addition from browsable overlayer
Fast lines addition to the order functions starting from the view of browsable PDF catalogs
Configurable kits and prepack management
To aggregate sets of products and to define kit order addition rules, set up the criteria on the total kit value or on the minimum quantity for every item
Size and colour management
View mode and specific acquiring processes for items available in several sizes and colors
"Order taking line" with two axis matrix grid
Two axis matrix grids, configurable for any type of product allow to manage fast adding processes to the order
Availibility and prices in grid
View property about availability and prices that can be customized in the two axis matrix views
Packaging and units of measure advanced management
Management of multiple packaging units per item, in order to visualize, for example, prices per KG or per meter and to sell by units or cartons
Presents management
Made to check presents management through the promotions or to give some users the possibility of managing this feature independently
Merchandising and displays management
Dedicated categories, correlated products, tags on items, allow to create access and fast search logics for displays and merchandising products
Barcode and QrCode integrated management with device camera or external reader
Search and fast addition to the order functions through Barcode reading, exploiting the device camera or an external optical reader
Research in ongoing orders
Possibility of gathering the lines of an order by brand, delivery date, destination. Collective alteration functions for the group or the search results
Quotations management
Module dedicated to the quotations management. Designed for not losing quotations after their transformation into orders and to manage the relationship with CRM entities
Open orders management with sequential split per delivery date
Made to acquire orders by differentiating the delivery dates for each item and by automatically splitting the orders in several orders, one for each delivery date
Multiple destination order delivery for some customer or purchase group
Multiple destinations management for the same order. You can configure the module to transmit more orders to the ERP system, one for each used destination
Pdf viewer with order line addition from "products on page management
PDF catalogs viewer that allows users to browse the catalog and quickly add the products displayed on each page to the order
Order and/or quotation preview printing, directly from the tablet (in off-line mode, too)
To view and print directly from the device an order or quotation recap view, in offline mode, too
Orders layout, with photographic identification of every line
It's possible, if desired, to configure the profile that generates orders and quotations PDFs with a special layout allowing the viewing of 1 image for each reference
RTDS - Real Time Data Set
Configurable service that makes a direct call to the ERP system to visualize, for example, real time availability
RTOR - Real Time Order Repricing (Live sync with price-management ERP algorithms)
In presence of a really articulated price/discount determination RTOR allows to re-price the order in real time before proceeding to confirmation. This function is based on a service that, through the iC Connector, sends in advance to the ERP the data flow to be verified
Order confirmation upon Credit Card payment from iPad
Integrated system for advance or balance payments of the order with credit card. It requires an account activation with Stripe gateway
Customers management with advanced customer form
Structured customer form with detailed information on every customer. Advanced searching, filtering and ordering functions
Leads and prospects management
In order to organize customers by typology, active status, prospects, distributors and to give the sales team the possibility of fast filtering
Customers database with customisable attributes
Configurable customer records in order to import data from external sources, customer status management with color markers for a quick glance
Opportunities management (only with integration with existing CRM system)
To create new opportunities in your CRM system using iCataloge application and to relate orders and quotations to existing opportunities
Marketing campaigns management (only with integration with existing CRM system)
To relate orders and quotation to marketing campaigns created in the existing company CRM system
Geolocalisation and map search
For viewing or searching customers directly on a map view. You can sort results according to the distance from your position
Administration blocks management
Color markers in the customer form highlight the suspended customers. Order sending workflow can be specifically customised for suspended customers
Customer best sellers management
Direct access to the 50 best selling products per customer, differentiated by quantity and value, with fast adding function to the order, to the selection or to the sender module
Most recent customer activities recaps
Fast access window to the most recent activities related to the customer, orders, quotations and meeting reports. Possibility of viewing acquired orders even if coming from third party sources
GPS Navigation to customer
Fast interactions between the iCatalogue application and iOS maps to calculate the best route to the customer address
Meeting reports management with configurable attributes
Collect all the information about customers meeting reports and consult them always in offline mode. The creation form attributes are fully configurable from the platform
Meetings management and integration with MS, Oulook and iCal
Integration between the application and iOS to create calendars and reminders on the iPad that could be synchronized with MS Outlook and iCal.
Contents access differentiation per user and/or group roles
Through roles management it is possible to give single users or users groups the access to one or more brands contents or prevent the visualisation of categories or specific products
Users technical controls
From the platform it is possible to monitor every single user status, to verify last updates time and date, to force the cancellation of specific contents remotely
Controlled application distribution functions
Private mode application distribution can be done directly from the platform in a simple and centralized way
App User Geolocalisation
From a map inside the platform it is possible to view the last detected position of every user, and from where the last orders have been confirmed. Hours and days of active monitoring are fully configurable
Contents updating process control
All synchronising processes are trackable from the platform, it is possible to track the duration, the status, the synchronisation type that has been made
"Key Users" management for beta-test functions
During the new application fucntions release it is possible to decide to which users set the new release will be sent in advance, in order to test the new functions before global release
Permission and authorization in order acquisition phase
Presents, net prices changes, orders under minimum quantities, orders total adjustments, payment methods modifications and much more, are all configurable according to groups or specific users
Sales Team Room con gestione notifiche in App e mail
Centralized communications towards the whole or part of the sales network transmitted through the iOS push notifications and CC via e-maill
Managers management
Specific managers authorisation and roles, in order to operate and check data at a global level
Distributors management
Specific roles designed to give access to distributors' users in order to correctly manage, in any case, the data transfer to the ERP system like a single agent data flow
"Sales chains" management
App users multilevel hierarchic management in order to manage access authorisations to customers and orders notifications
Traffic features and bandwidth usage integrated control
Daily tracking utility for bandwidth consumption linked to the synchronisations with the possibility to enable mobile connectivity media synchronisation.
"inApp" dashboard for users
Customer data analysis statistics and dashboards that are present not only in the platform, but in the application, too
Full Analytics Dashboard (FAD) with Data Drilling functions
Platform dashboard that allows a clear and immediate view on users behavior
Behavioral Targeting Engine (BTE)
Support supplied to the service subscriber manager (max. 2 people). It does not include project support. Support is not provided directly to agents, sales representatives, dealers/retailers, wholesalers or other members of the sales organization of the company.
  Supplied to the service manager of the subscriber   Supplied to the service manager of the subscriber   Supplied to the service manager of the subscriber
Service coverage
The support is available 8 hours per day, from monday to friday, holidays excluded. The time slot in which the support is provided is from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  8 _5   8 _5   8 _5
Trouble ticket support
Support delivered through the portal available at http://support.icatalogue.com
Telephone support
Telephone support
Maximum ticket acquisition time
Maximum acquisition time for taking in charge the request after the opening of the ticket through the portal or after the telephone support request. 
  48 hours   48 hours   48 hours
Maximum first response time
  48 hours   48 hours   48 hours









*Every GigaByte exceeding the traffic included in the offer will be reported quarterly and invoiced at the rate of 30 €/cents per GigaByte.
**OPTIONAL module that generates an annual cost only (no matter the number of users)
***The number of orders in history and that can be used for analticcal extractions could be increased with an additional charge. Contact Sales.
****Open orders availability time (with possibility of modification of every line and/or specification from backend) can be increased with additional charge. Contact Sales.
The iCatalogue service manager has the faculty, at any time, to change the service specifications.


It is dedicated to companies with a products catalog having a price referrable to every item or variant (with differentiated price lists, too). It is designed for sales organisations composed of sales reps that acquire orders in mobility through an Apple iPad device. It can work by manually inserting all datas or it can be integrated to the company IT system.


It is dedicated to companies with a products catalog having a price referrable to every item or variant (with differentiated price lists, too). It is designed for sales organisations composed of sales reps that acquire orders in mobility through an Apple iPad device. It can work by manually inserting all datas or it can be integrated to the company IT system.

iC WOMS - Web Order Add-On

"iCatalogue WOMS" (Web Order Management System) is a “Sales Force Automation” environment additional module. It is needed to manage orders via web. Its use is addressed to every “iC Sales app for iPad” user (agent or agency) only. It involves the payment of an additional charge per single agent or agency.
Know more about iC WOMS


After the payment, you will receive an email confirmation of the positive outcome of the transaction. iCatalogue will send you the e-payment receipt. This document is not valid for tax purposes. At the end of the month referred to the payment you will receive an invoice issued by the service iCatalogue.

Underwriting commitment

You can decide whether to make the fee payment on monthly or yearly base. The 12 month prepaid formula will give you an approximate 15% discount. Instead, with the monthly base formula, you will be charged every month with the subscription of an annual base commitment.

Upgrade and downgrade, cancellation

Directly from the platform, in "my account", you have access to the administration functions. At any time you can checks the status of the subscription and you decide to migrate to an upper (or lower) level. You can unsubscribe whenever you want and delete your plan without penalty. There is no refund for the amounts already paid in case of cancellation before the deadline.

Technical features -  Web Order Management System

 iCatalogue System for placing and managing orders via web for agents and agencies.

iCatalogue WOMS
Billed annually
  from € 9,00
per user*, per month
* user with iC Sales App for iPad account
(Both iC Sales App and iC WOMS usage)
  from € 16,00
per user*, per month
* sales rep, agency or back office operator
(IC WOMS orders management only)
Maximum nr. of products
Number of encodable article codes in the platform, including variants
  Unlimited   Unlimited
iCatalogue environments needed for iC WOMS usage   "Mobile Sales Automation"
iCatalogue Platform
(Enterprise version, min. of 10 users)
  "Mobile Sales Automation"
iCatalogue Platform
(Enterprise version, min. of 10 users)
Restrictions or relations   The price of this subscription
is referred to users already owning a
"iC Sales App for iPad" account
  The price of this subscription
is not related to
"iC Sales App for iPad"
Further specifications on "total cost per user"   The user cost of "iC WOMS" has to be added  to the user cost of "iC Sales App for iPad"   -
Sales reps Unique Access Management System
Users control panel that allows to enable acces to the Web Order Management platform only to selected sales network users 
Product information management
Complete products information, technical data sheet, file 
Catalog visibility control
Different contents access to contents per user roel and/or users group 
Customers and prospects management
In order to organize customers by typology, active status, prospects, distributors and to give the sales team the possibility of fast filtering
Real Time Availability (RTA), Availability to promise (ATP) and Estimated delivery time (EDT)
Powerful Cross Catalog Search engine
In addition to the search per code or article name it exploits the filters that apply on brands, categories/product lines and technical data attributes
Price list and promotions management
Specific price lists definition per customer, per group, that can be managed to assign to country, area or cluster
Kit and dynamic package management
Made to aggregate sets of products and to define rules for the kit order adding; also made to set up of the criteria on the total kit value or on the minimum quantity for every item
Customer / Retailer purchase dashboards
Fast access to the best selling and recursive products, that can be filtered by category
Order entry and customer service functions
Simplified orders creation processes that can be easily managed also by users that do not know article codes or product catalog structure, with customer service dedicated utilities
Multichannel order adjustment, review and confirm
Thanks to the multichannel feature it is possible to view and manage the orders according to the policies that have been defined in the platform, no matter from which source they have been originated
Transactions processing
Credit cards, billing, payment on account
Order processing
Selection, printing, picking, packing, shipping
Data analysis and reporting
Dashboards for sales managers and sales reps
Financial management
Payable accounts , receivable accounts, general ledger
Campaigns and cross selling tactics management
Campaigns and cross selling tactics management. Create discount rules per customers category or specific brands
Presents management
It enables the users to manage presents, it defines autoamtic rules for presents management through promotions
Merchandising and displays management
It labels merchandising dedicated products and it creates search and view specific aggregators
Erp and CRM fully integrable
Thanks to the iC Connector module an integration with external data sources is possible, both for ERP and/or CRM systems 
  iC Connector required   iC Connector required

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