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With iCatalogue you can be up and running in a few days: configure it and deliver the application to each of your sales team members and put  them in the condition to express their maximum potential, offering your customers a fantastic experience.

To take orders more efficiently

Dynamic Order Storage

Consult your customers orders history offline, import data from the ERP to have update and backend orders always available.

Price list complex management (multi currency and multi list)

Manage several price list types, in currency, recommended to the public or agreed with the customer or customer groups. Define for each price list the industrial margin and check the maximum discount you can apply for each item.

Country, Area, Cluster price policy management

Classify customers per country, area or cluster and exploit the platform functions to quickly create or modify the price list association to customers.

Promotion management

Import promotions from your ERP or create one directly on the platform, define the expiration date, the categories or the interested suppliers and apply discount or gift rules.

Order profitability adaptive control

Control the profitability of orders using the industrial margin defined in the price list and define specific rules or authorizations for your sales force.

Configurable kits and prepacks management

Speed up acquiring orders by pre-configuring kits and prepacks. Exploit the aggregators to rapidly identify items sets to add them to the order.

Size / color management

Specific view modes, acquiring processes and management for items available in multiple sizes and colors.

Line order taking with two-axis matrix grid

Quickly acquire orders using the two axes matrix grids configurable for any product line.

Packaging and measure unit advanced management

Manage several units of measure for each item, distinguish the view price (e.g. €/Kg.) from the unit price, each one with its minimums and multipliers.

Management of "customer order history" direct order line acquisition

Quickly create new order starting from the customers best selling products or directly from the last orders lines.

Integrated Barcode and Qr code reader management with optical device or external reader

Order search and quick addition functions through Barcode reading, using device’s camera or external reader. Exploit the QR Code functionalities for the same purpose or to recall multimedia contents to support the sale.

Quotations management

Collect a quotation, send it directly to the customer and wait for his answer. You can review it before converting into an order and transmit it to the ERP.

Open orders management with sequential delivery date split

Acquire the order with different delivery dates for each item and divide it in several orders, one for each delivery date.

Multiple destination order delivery for same customer or purchase group

Manage more destinations for each customer, exploit the functions to easily manage different destinations on the same order. Send the flow to the ERP by splitting in one or more orders.

Pdf viewer with order line addition from "products on page management"

Import the catalogs in PDF format and relate every page products exploiting the potential of the aggregators. Your users will be able to browse the catalog offline rapidly adding the products shown on any page.

Configurable order flow notifications

Set the order notifications flow as you like, enabling the sending of an order copy to the customer, to the area supervisor and to the backend.

Order and/or quotation print direct from the tablet (also off-line)

You need to leave an order/quotation copy to your customer but there is no connection? Immediately create a PDF and exploit the potential of AirPrint to print it.

Campaign and Canvas Manager

Use the aggregators power to rapidly create dynamic products collections to link with special offers and promotions.

RTDS - Real Time Data Set (Product live management of ERP generated data)

Define a particular set of data that you want to be available for your users for queries during order processing, to check availability in real time, to verify remaining or open orders.

RTOR - Real Time Order Repricing (Live sync with price-management ERP algorythms)

Do you have special and peculiar price reduction calculations that you have refined through the years in your ERP? Use RTOR to revalue (check rebates, prices, availability…) an order in real time before confirmation to the customer.

Integrated system for the payment of advance or balance on credit card orders (fully configurable) - Multigateway

Integrated deposit or balance order payment with credit card (totally configurable) - Multigateway

To present or show strategic contents

IRAS - Initializing and Resync Adjustment System

Set-up and initial contents synchronization tools, multimedia or not, designed for big size catalogs. Independent process management by sales rep or by IT supervisors.

ISSM - Intelligent Selective Sync Management

To keep the contents lined up even in offline mode, ISSM has been created, a sync management tool, result of many years of experience in big size catalogs management. Incremental objects based synchronizations with selective process for every type of content.

Dynamic aggregator management

Logical operator based aggregators allow you to pre-configure dynamic search on, for example, tag, attributes, price range, products availability, creation dates or items changes.

Category-Collection/Line-Brand combined access

Access the catalog and start by choosing a category or a brand, the two menus work in combination filtering the results according to the first choice made, further narrow the search through the refining functions.

Selection refining by aggregators and technical specifications

Through the refining tools you can filter the results working on the technical spec parameters, you can apply the aggregators and set customized sorting mode for the results.

Consultation in fullscreen presentation mode with bidirectional axes

Visualize in presentation mode the products obtained from a search, from a selection or from a refining. The view is in fulcrum mode, browsing horizontally you find the main products, vertically all the different available versions.

Product comparator

Through a specific view, compare all the specifications of products that are the result of a search action, of a selection or a refining action

Browsable PDFs integrated viewer with page references management

Import PDF catalogs and relate the items of each page by exploiting the power of aggregators. Your users will be able to browse the catalog offline and access the deepened contents of the item recalled in the page.

Reported and related porducts management

From the product detail view you can quickly hop from a product to another exploiting the relations that can be managed both between variants and main product.

Customer selected products list structured sending (iC Sender)

Use iC Sender to send your targets the material that the Marketing Department has defined for each item. You can add individual items to the sender or you can start from the selections made for the customer.

To manage the relationship with customers, at their best

Active customers management through advanced customer form

Structured customer form with personalized information, consult the information without necessarily changing the actual active customer. Search functions, filtering and advanced sorting.

Prospects management.

Possibility of acquiring orders for prospects encoded offline with conversion into customer after the first order is taken. Filtering functions and specific search for prospects.

Customer bestseller management

Create and order starting from the customer best selling products, a list automatically created by processing the orders history.

Last orders recap

Consult the details on the last orders acquired by the customer and the header information for the whole history, both for the ones transmitted from the iPad and those reviewed or managed directly by the backend.

Meeting report management with configurable attributes

Collect the information in a customer meeting report, always available offline. The creation form attributes are customizable from the platform.

Meeting management and MS Outlook and iCal integration

Exploit the integration between iCatalogue and the native functionalities of iOS system to create on your iPad calendars and reminders that can be synchronized with MS Outlook and iCal.

Salesforce CRM native integration

Connect your Salesforce CRM account to exploit the meeting report native integrations.
To control the sales team.

To manage your sales team at anytime

Access Differentiation to contents by user and/or users group roles

Single user or groups role management through which is possible to manage the access to the contents or the permits of order taking.

Update content processes management

Centralized control utility to have in sight the status of the users updates, to identify users that are not accessing or updating.

Sales teamroom with notifications in App and e-mail

Send a centralized message to the whole or to a segment of your sales network, through the push notifications of iOS and copy via e-mail.

Wholesale management

Dedicated to distributors with the possibility of assigning the customers not only to sales reps but directly to a distributor, too (user group of App users)

Sales chains management

Hierarchic multi level management of App Users to manage access permissions to customers and orders notifications on different levels.To analyze and measure the performances.

To measure and analyze performances

Traffic specifications and bandwidth consumption integrated control

Platform utility for daily control of the bandwidth consumption linked to the synchronizing process with the possibility of activate mobile connection devices synchronization.

“InApp” dashboard for users

Statistics and dashboards for the customers data analysis not only present in the platform, but on the application, too.

Full Analytics Dashboard (FAD) with Data Drilling functionality

Platform dashboard that, thanks to other dashboards, allows you to have an accurate and immediate vision of users behavior. In combination with BTE it allows Data Drilling operations.

Behavioral Targeting Engine (BTE)

Though it is completely accessible offline, the application can keep all the data of every consulting session by each anonymous or authenticated user. On every synchronization instance with the platform the app send behavior data flows to the analysis engine, allowing a complete control of the performances and the sales activity.

To integrate iCatalogue with your business ERP

Structured data import

Catalog, items and customer data import functions, based on the processing of structured files at cyclic intervals according to the SLA contract.

Media contents import

Specific import functions for media (videoclips, PDFs, images) that, exploiting the potentiality of Dropbox APIs, allows to keep a repository media synchronized with iCatalogue cloud.

Orders history data processing

Processing functions dedicated to orders history that save header information and extract useful statistic data from order lines.

Acquired orders synchronization

Realtime synchronizing functions for orders transmitted by the App Users with possibility of a structured transition to ERP via FTP or via web services, in addition to the e-mail notifications base functions.

Third parties technologies integration

iCatalogue is already integrated with third parties technologies, eCommerce systems and Email marketing platforms, as new integrations will be available they will be configurable directly from the platform in the integrations section.

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