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Limitless information level

Every plan on iCatalogue platform offers unlimited disk space: you can “enrich” the ERP system data flows with all the information and multimedia contents you like.

Not only product data but also contents dedicated to strategic presentation. The information organization is flexible and functional.

Impressive research speed

It is very hard not to be astonished when starting to use iCatalogue.

What will shock you most is the speed of your selection’s result output.

There is no established processing sequence form: you decide how to find your interest items set, searching inside categories, brands, collections and refining the search on dynamic aggregators, tags and technical specifications.

Complete contents control

The “Catalog manager” can very simply set rules and publishing dynamics for full content control.

iCatalogue 4 backend has been completely redesigned and conceived to simplify use by product managers and the contents revision team.

Highly sophisticated consultation experience

iCatalogue is historically appreciated for the beauty and the care of the product information consulting process.

The new iCatalogue 4 interface revolutionizes the way you browse a catalog taking user experience to the top.

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