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Total control on performances

A very efficient tool for sales analysis on iPad

Orders and sales

The sales features views and analytical dashboards are extremely rich in information and allow a clear overview of the situation and consequent accuracy in decision making.
Order analytics and the reporting set available to the user are very useful during the conversation with the customer and allow excellent rationalism in sales activities.

Catalog and contents

Knowing the activity of the sales team on the content catalog is of great importance.
The iCatalogue platform is equipped with the BTE (Behavioural Targeting Engine) a module which allows a refined analysis of the user's behavior on contents.
Presentation strategy monitoring is a unique feature of iCatalogue.

System use and user synchronization

iCatalogue allows an in depth view on all platform usage parameters: use of bandwidth, used space, data traffic and system resources use.

You can check, by single user, all the synchronization history of software versions and system updates.

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