But extremely sophisticated


For order acquisition via tablet and sales management on every channel

iCatalogue allows you to manage sales by centralizing customer and products data in a cloud platform.
Control and rule sales reps that take orders and make quotations on the move. The whole process with a really unique experience.

  • Pixel-perfect design

    The sales representative or manager must fall in love with the tool they use for selling.
    Pleasure and user experience will be fantastic.
    The design has been made with a particular care and maximum attention for every small detail.

  • Your products have a lot to say

    The paper catalog, used as an essential tool, belongs to the past: with iCatalogue everything is available on your iPad.
    You can use multimedia material to make your presentations more effective.
    Moreover you can use technical forms, product comparators, related articles… there is no doubt: nothing in your presentation will be as before.

  • Beside every ERP, CRM

    The iCatalogue platform, through the iC Connector software installed inside your company structure, is always integrated with your ERP and/or CRM system.
    You will be the one to manage the synchronization frequency of the different data classes.
    We made this activity simple and safe through the use of methods and interfaces designed to maximize the ease of use.

  • Only one place. For everything

    The centralization of every information related to your products and to your sales has a great importance to rationalise your sales strategy and to make your corporate sales team more efficient. Platform back end, web order management system, sales application, B2B integrated portals. All managed with only one method and only one software.

  • iCatalogue grows with you

    You can start with an experimental project and scale with no limits on all your sales organization.
    You can use iCatalogue only for your sales force, and then extend the platform for the B2B e-commerce activity.
    You can modify your subscription from the platform adjusting it to your needs.

Performance-driven sales activity

iCatalogue provide a completely brand new way to sell

  • It enhances sales reps efficiency and reduce the probability of errors
  • It boosts your brand to buyers in an innovative way
  • It increases customers loyalty and helps your company to reach high revenue goals
  • It helps sales team to improve effectiveness with an easy and powerful solution 
  • It reduces manual operations efforts and fulfill orders faster
  • "Since we equipped our sales network with the iCatalogue platform, our performances changed drastically. It is a completely different thing"

    Dietmar Schönhuber - CEO at Schönhuber S.p.A.
  • iCatalogue

Very fast activation

The average time from subscription to the release of the operating environment is less than a month. Within 72 hours from the subscription date the global access to the platform is released. Set-up operations can be made in less than a couple of days.The integration of iCatalogue with all data sources and corporate sales softwares takes a few days only and does not need advanced IT expertise.


Very easy to use

Even people without a great attitude to technology will become very good iCatalogue users quicker than any expectation. The method, the training tools and the great application intuitivity allow you to get familiar with the new working tool in a really short time.

Incomparable data safety

We have used incomparable safety standards to guarantee solid bases to the choice of outsourcing the sales platform in Cloud Computing.
Safe tokens, cryptography data, possibility to create VPN between iC Connector and the iCatalogue Cloud (on-demand) will let even the more demanding IT managers sleep soundly at night.

All iCatalogue instances, backup and safety systems and IT anti-intrusion, are exclusively resident in only one data center in Germany and no data is redounded in other countries.


Cost affordable

The economic bearability of the iCatalogue investment is absolutely affordable for any corporate size level. In the industrial sector international compared analysis, among the five world leader technologies in omni-channel mobile sales automation systems, iCatalogue offers the cheapest price with equal technical specifications.

All you need to sell in one application

You will need nothing else to make your sales activity more efficient. You have an omni-channel platform, leader in Europe for order acquisition activity, with  an extended web order management system and a strong and gorgeous application for the sales reps.Retailers and distributors can access to the portals to place orders and to consult your catalog sking for quotations and/or booking batches of goods or production stocks.

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